Welcome to Hunan province Yuanjiang City welfare nets processing factory!
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    • Contacts:Manager Li
    • Phone:13973784889
    • E-mail:397160892@qq.com
    • Telephone:0737-2726865
    • Zip code:413100
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    • Address:Yuanjiang People's Hospital, Hunan Province
    • Website:http://www.haoyuwang.net
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    Hunan province Yuanjiang City welfare fishing processing factory is a set of hand woven nets, ropes, nets, fishing nets, fishing nets, semi-finished products difficult nets (Research Net) R & D, production, manufacturing in one of...[detailed]

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    Copyright:Yuanjiang City welfare nets processing factory
    Contacts:Manager Li Phone:13973784889 Telephone:0737-2726865 The main: Fishing net factory,Net price,
    Cage culture technology,Lift the net,Inflation lift net.
    E-mail:97160892@qq.com Address:Yuanjiang People's Hospital, Hunan Province, opposite the ramp Website:http://www.haoyuwang.net